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The 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands

The 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands

There are a large number of sports centres on the Canary Islands. But if you want more exclusive training with better services, you need to know the best gyms.

If you want to get in shape and get some exercise, there's no better place to do it than a gym. The reason is quite simple, since besides being a comfortable place where you can count on all kinds of machines where you can practice a great amount of exercises, you have the possibility of having monitors that will help you when it comes to the activities. In the Canary Islands there are a large number of sports centres with a very varied offer for doing sports. But if you want the most exclusive training with the best services, you need to know the following best gyms in the Canary Islands. So, if you live in the archipelago and you are looking for a gym with all kinds of possibilities, our guide will help you to make a decision. Without a doubt, these sports centres improve the quality of life of those who want to take care of themselves and do sports in cities that are growing every day. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity", considers the World Health Organization (WHO). Today we will show you the perfect places to do such daily physical exercise.


Quality sports centres


When we choose a gym, we often look for a place that is not overcrowded, that has good facilities, good instructors and activities that we like and that are suitable for us. Sometimes the price is not the most important thing and we look for something different. This will not be an exception: they are exclusive, with the most modern machines and with the best professional equipment. We are talking about the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands, places where you can enjoy sport to the fullest. To achieve a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to do sport regularly. Going to the gym is one of the most feasible options for those who have to combine a full family and work life; the freedom of schedules and the multiple possibilities to train that it offers are very significant advantages. In this article we selected five sports centers that have carefully designed facilities, unique services, digital equipment and new training trends to sweat while having fun. You can now get to know the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands. Take a look, choose and look for training schedule. Make your legs move and pump your blood.


A) Tenerife Top Training - La Caleta (Tenerife)

Finding the top 5 gyms in the Canary Islands can be difficult, but if you are in Tenerife you might have a better idea now. The Tenerife Top Training is characterized by having two gyms in total, one covered in the central building and one open and next to the field. The indoor gym is located in the main building of the centre and has a large training area with the latest technology from TechnoGym® and Keiser®, as well as two large rooms for group exercises. The training center "Tenerife Top Training (T3)" is located in the south of Tenerife and offers a wide range of sports in optimal conditions. Carry out your training campus, from amateur to professional level. Swimming, football, triathlon, rugby, volleyball, tennis and even basketball teams or Porsche Motorsport drivers are regular customers of our facilities. The athlete is not just one among many, each athlete is unique to them. Thanks to their ability to adapt to each sport and need, together with personalised attention, athletes and teams will be able to optimally shape their training plan and prepare more effectively at their centre. As far as accommodation is concerned, they have partner hotels, 3, 4 and 5 stars that offer a wide range of choices according to each need.


B) FuerteGym - Playa Honda de San Bartolomé (Lanzarote)

If you are looking for the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands, FuerteGym Lanzarote can be among them. This is one of the most modern gyms on Lanzarote. It is constantly evolving with innovative training systems thanks to the EAC Systems franchise, such as the exclusive BodyJump, the first training program on Lanzarote with a mini trampoline, without impact on the joints and suitable for anyone. FuerteGym is the only sports centre on the island of Lanzarote that specialises in the Slim Belly and Legs line, a system designed to burn fat, both in the belly and in the legs. All activities are oriented and directed by professionals, who are supported by innovative equipment and the advice of a specialised network of European centres. Fuerte Gym is distributed in well-differentiated rooms in which it offers a variety of activities such as bodybuilding, targeted training exclusive to EAC Systems, such as Body Jump, Slim Belly 2.0 or the Energy Plate, among others, which are complemented by other activities such as Dumbells, Fight Team, Cycling, Perfect Body, etc. All areas are equipped with ultra-modern machinery and have the service of personal trainers.


C) PaleoTraining - Arrecife (Lanzarote)

Enjoy in PaleoTraining Arrecife a very different way of training, in a really different and special space, where the wood is much more than a sign of identity for them. PaleoTraining assures to recover the physical and functional level of the past, being a model of training with foundations and with a present image, but strengthening in a technology of the future. Have fun, get excited, fall in love, get hooked on the movement through the essential training of the human being, to be part of one of the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands. Their method is to plan and personalize the best training sessions adapted to you. Its identity is based on real movements in a natural environment. Their commitment will always be to help you, advise you, guide you and listen to you looking for your health and motivation, and their mantra is to be more humane, free from illness, sedentary life and processed food. Do not hesitate, and try it! A place without comparison between the different gyms you can find in Lanzarote and specifically in Arrecife.


D) Activate Sports Club - Costa Adeje (Tenerife)

Discover an outdoor sports club, unique in the south of Tenerife. As soon as you enter Activate Sports Club, for us among the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands, you will realize that it is much more than just a gym. The first thing you will see is Fuel RestoBar and its Sand Zone, with the beach volleyball courts and children's area. The second thing will be the access to the machine area, the swimming pool and the tents. And the third thing will be a sensation: that of having arrived at a place where anyone can reach their goals. At Activate Sports Club they have a clear objective. They want anyone, whatever sport they play and whatever their goal, to achieve everything they set out to do. That is why they have created a club where professionals of all kinds meet and where members can get in shape, balance body and mind, share moments with their loved ones... and above all, have fun!


E) Ozone by Reebok Functional - Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

If you are in Gran Canaria, the choice is more than clear. If you're looking for one of the top 5 gyms in the Canary Islands, Ozone by Reebok Functional is the answer. It takes the place of the former gym at the Maspalomas Holidayworld leisure centre, Ozone Gym, renewing all the machinery and adapting it to the new times. Its new CARDIO ROOM and CROSSTRAINING BOX are part of the new REEBOK environment that you will find at Ozone by Reebok Functional. Design, functionality, comfort and innovation are the attributes and qualities on which the new project is based. Let them take care of your body and mind in a 2400m2 facility to get you in shape. Unload the tension of the day in one of our various guided classes, in the spinning room, in the outdoor cross training area or train in its spectacular heated pool. Mens sana in corpore sano!


And you, do you know where to start training? It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, any time is a good time to start working out in one of the sports centres we have presented to you, the 5 best gyms in the Canary Islands. Don't hesitate, and sign up!


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