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12 healthy habits when doing sports

12 healthy habits when doing sports

Regular exercise has been shown to help maintain good health and prevent disease.

Sport has many benefits for health and quality of life, not only in the physical sense. It helps you to forget worries and to relate to other people. Surely you already knew this, but there are healthy habits when doing sport in summer or under high temperatures that adapt exercise to the weather conditions, maintaining intensity and improving results.

Sport is health, but with control

Uncontrolled sport can be counterproductive. Certainly, sport is recommended if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but uncontrolled and excessive sport can harm general well-being and health. Today we will tell you 12 healthy habits when doing sport in summer or under high temperatures that you should not forget when you start to exercise, especially under adverse temperature conditions. Are you ready? We are starting!

1. Fresh and healthy diet

Food is essential for a healthy life. In addition to being careful about what we eat in our daily lives, we must have a routine for eating when we exercise. Especially in summer or when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures, fresh diets rich in vegetables and fruits are essential. We can make many recipes for salads and cocktails or fruit shakes that will be a good food to avoid dehydration and to avoid feeling heavy in the stomach. There are foods such as cereals, nuts, proteins and fruits that should not be missing when exercising, it is convenient to always carry something with you in case there is a drop in glucose.

2. Stay out of the sun

Both in the summer and in those stays where the sun and high temperatures are constant, such as Gran Canaria, it is always good to choose to exercise at times when the sun is not shining, such as early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and you will see that it does not cost you so much. Another option is not to do sports in the open air, but to do so in facilities such as gyms or sports centres that ensure a constant and optimum temperature for the practice of sports.

3. Always stretch

The lack of warm-up and stretching of the muscles can cause injuries. You should take warm-up very seriously before doing any exercise because if you do not prepare your muscles it is easy to injure yourself. Do not forget to do different stretches before and after each physical activity, as they help prevent a multitude of injuries, it is a fundamental habit that we often forget. Stretching should be done 5 minutes before a physical activity, to prepare the muscles for the action. Stretching should be progressive to reduce muscle tension and activate the body and mind. Lack of warm-up and excessive exercise causes the joints to suffer and leads to arthrosis in parts of the body such as the knees and shoulders.

4. Choosing the right clothes and shoes

Pay attention to the shoes, the ideal is to have shoes for each type of activity: tennis, running, football, etc.! The right equipment will ensure that the exercises are carried out effectively and without possible injury. Especially when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures, it is important to do physical exercise with suitable clothing and footwear, which are a little loose and light, light in colour and preferably made of breathable fabric or cotton to encourage heat loss, facilitating the thermal regulation of our organism. It is also important to always carry a small towel for a matter of hygiene. And in certain sports it is also necessary to carry accessories such as gloves, a small rucksack to carry water, or a lumbar belt, among others.

5. Protected skin

Never trust yourself and take care of your skin! It is important to use sunscreen not only in the summer but all year round. We must make sure that the cream protects UVA and UVB, and that it has an SPF 20 or higher. Apply the sunscreen half an hour before going out for the activity and renewing its application frequently, during any outdoor activity. Remember, it is important: 100% protected and hydrated skin, a really healthy habit when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures.

6. Regular sleep rhythm. Rest as much as possible

It is advisable to sleep eight or more hours a day. It is beneficial to take a short nap after eating (no more than 15 minutes). Likewise, after intense training and sports competition, it is advisable to rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Do not underestimate adequate rest. Especially in the summer the body gets exercise and needs to regain strength at night. As important as doing physical activity is a correct rest, respecting the precise hours of sleep, as avoiding overexertion.

7. Train at the same time and on the same days of the week

We are animals of habit and therefore it is beneficial to train at the same time and on the same days of the week. In this way the body will get used to those sessions in a row and our metabolism will adapt to an active life rhythm. Always keep in mind that this practice should also be progressive so that it constitutes a healthy habit when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures.

8. Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption

Seems obvious, doesn't it? Also when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol will further enhance our sports performance.

9. Change your posture

In the summer or on holidays it is a good time to build good habits, practice Pilates or Yoga or simply look in the mirror and detect "postures" that can be improved to avoid future injuries. Cheer up, you'll love it: what starts out as a healthy habit when doing sports in summer or in high temperatures, can become your great passion.

11. Don't forget your hat and sunglasses

For comfort, but also for health! In addition to being objects of clothing, they are very functional and help to protect from the sun during physical exercise at this time of year, or under hot conditions. Wear quality sunglasses that block the sun's excessive impact on the eyes. Both will be great allies when doing sports in summer or under high temperatures.

12. Hydration

Did you think we'd forgotten? Maybe we're talking about the most important habit when it comes to sports in summer or in high temperatures. The most recommended is to drink more than two liters of water a day. It is advisable to drink between 10 and 12 glasses of water to hydrate yourself properly. The vital liquid should be drunk before, during and after exercise. Hydration is the key to a 100% body fit. If you don't like to drink water alone, try a few drops of lemon or orange. From time to time, alternate water with isotonic drinks or natural juices, it is important to cope better with high temperatures and reduce the risk of heat stroke.

Here are some healthy habits when doing sports in summer or in high temperatures ... but there are many more. At Ozone by Reebok Functional, the new Reebok Functional centre in Gran Canaria, we have a large team of experts who will help you improve your performance, even under adverse temperature conditions, so that your sports practice is always productive and rewarding. We look forward to seeing you!


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